10 cool facts of life on Nunavut

1.Common plants on Nunavut are Arctic Poppy, Crowberry, Dwarf Willow and Birch,Heather,Labrador Tea, Lichens, Mountain Avens, Mountain Sorrel, Purple Saxifrage, Sedges, and Wooly Lousewort.

2.Inuit call Polar Bears Nanuq, which means ice bear.

3.Timber Wolves live in Nunavuts southern forests.

4.The rock ptarmigan is Nunavuts official bird.

5.Nunavut has one of the largest Caribou herds in the world.

6.Musk-ox use their large front hoofs to dig through the snow for plants to eat.

7.The Musk-ox is a common animal in Nunavut

8.Nunavut is home to animals of life and sea

9.A lot of animals live on Nunavut

10.Nunavut also has a lot of life


-the first premier of Nunavut was Paul Okalik

-music,singing, and dancing have always been a part of Inuit life

-the population in Nunavut is 31,906

-Jordin Tootoo is from Nunavut

-drum dancing was the most popular form of traditional Inuit music


-winter in Nunavut lasts for nine months each year

-their average summer temperature is only -2 degrees celsius

-Iqaluit gets 19 hours of daylight

-Nunavut has the coldest weather in Canada


-building roads in Nunavut is very difficult

-Iqaluit is the only city in Nunavut

-most communities are technically calledhamlets (villages)

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