Curriculum Corner

Harvey Brown Elementary

What is curriculum?

Curriculum is important in education because it helps teachers to deliver an effective and quality education. A curriculum sets standards, goals and learning outcomes that enable teachers to judge whether or not students are able to move onto the next level.
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Harvey Brown Elementary

How do you teach vocabulary?
Research shows copying words and/or definitions from a dictionary is the least effective method in teaching vocabulary. Check out the link at the bottom of this page to discover effective and ineffective methods for teaching vocabulary.

October 12th is a district staff development day. Teachers were assigned homework for this session. Evidence from assessing for learning in the classroom should be brought to the training. Let's have 100% homework participation from HBE!

Anchor charts keep relevant and current learning accessible to students. They remind students of prior learning and enable them to make connections as new learning happens. Anchor charts are embedded in our curriculum. Administrators will be looking for relevant anchor charts this week.

The district is participating in the GT Cooperative this year. The fall schedule is attached to this email. All sessions are free!

Gradebooks for Reading/ELA have a glitch. Spelling is currently a component of language arts and reading. DO NOT enter spelling grades for reading. Leave this section blank. Spelling should be entered under language arts only.

Word walls and STAAR Stems have been discussed during curriculum meetings. Walk through documentation from the district and PDAS from the campus will be used to assist teachers with providing these resources to students.

A goal setting sheet will be placed in mailboxes. Teachers are asked to complete the information in the common assessment column and bring the forms to PLCs this week.

The Campus Educational Improvement Committee has approved the purchase of Big Brainz, Brain Pop, and Raz Kids. We will arrange training as soon as the programs are on our campus.

We Invest in You!

We believe it is imperative for teachers to stay abreast of developments in the field of education. Teachers are provided numerous opportunities at Harvey Brown Elementary School because we believe professional growth is achieved through training, workshops, and collaboration. You will find several professional development opportunities attached to the original email. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in attending any of the workshops.