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Welcome to 2019!

Happy New Year - What's Your ONE WORD?

Forget New Year's Resolutions - CHOOSE ONE WORD. Like many this time of the year we are possibly focusing on some personal goals or changes that we want to make, and educators often tick off things in their teaching that they want to focus on as well. But, what about just choosing ONE WORD? One word that gives you focus, is intentional, gives you direction and guides the work that you do each day. If you want to know more about One Word, check out

A few One Word Examples:

Barbara Bray @bbray27 (Edu/Personalized Learning guru) - "We need to be there for our kids and help them make what may seem impossible, possible. That is my #OneWord2019: Possibilities."

Adam Welcome @mradamwelcome (educator/author/marathoner) My #OneWord for 2019 is OTHERS - I'm going to spend more time thinking, supporting, helping, encouraging, motivating and changing OTHERS for positive reasons. So much to come in 2019, are you ready? Who's with me? Who needs something? I'm here for you! #YouDeserveIt

So, instead of a lofty resolution or several, what might your one word be as look towards the rest of the school year?

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TDE and EFolio

It's January! This means that you should.....

  • be on the look-out and say 'hi' as coaches do classroom walk-throughs
  • take a moment to review your observation and walk-through feedback to complete your Peer Feedback section of your TDE EFolio
  • be sure to have completed your first observation - if you haven't, contact your coach ASAP!
  • consider a time to schedule an observation with a colleague (Years 1 & 2 only)
  • continue using data from your CFAs to plan for students' intervention or enrichment within your PLCs

We are here to support you!

Elida Kane - Director of Secondary Teaching & Learning

Lana Rains - Secondary Math and Literacy Specialist

Alesia Arlandson - ELA & Electives

Jennifer Burke - World Languages, Soc. Studies, PE & Health

Dan Kulseth - Math, Science & STEM

Carrie Popp - SpEd, Speech, Psychs, ELL & ECFE

Doug Stanton - Nurses, SOS & SpEd Leads, TOSAs and TDE/QComp Coordinator

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