Chant & Meditation Wednesdays

Weekly Wellness @ The New Life Healing Center

Join us 7PM on Wednesdays

FREE for everyone!

Join us for a profound experience on Wednesday nights where you will learn breathing techniques, get in-tune with your energy fields and affirm mantras to help manifest your higher good :)

722 Grand St. in Jersey City

What is Chanting & Meditation?

Chanting is prayer in the form of repeating a word or series of words in a rhythmic tone for the purpose of attuning oneself to our place of inner divinity. It allows us to be more receptive to Universal energies for the purpose of clarity of mind, healing of body and renewal of spirit.

Meditation is the act of becoming aware in a given moment of our Divinity by attuning ones mind to the energies generated by our chakras and Universal Divine Presence. It is the proactive "tuning in" to our Divine Source within so we can dwell in ITS Presence undisturbed and be more receptive to ITS guidance after the meditative moment.

Heal . Learn . Practice