with children who have SLI

About this Flyer

The goals and needs of children with SLI will vary from child to child. Some may have receptive language difficulties, while others may have expressive language difficulties. They may struggle specifically with written language, reading comprehension, spoken language, or any combination of the above. Moreover, the level and type of cueing will vary depending on the child's abilities. Therefore, an array of tools are available for each therapy technique for each language deficit.


The SLP should use utilize these tools once they understand their client's needs and the kind of cueing that will promote language development the most in the most practical, beneficial way for their individual success.

These websites will provide a creative bank of various visual cues, organizers, therapy activities, word pairs, and pre-made games. It is up to the SLP to decide which of these are most appropriate for their client and how to use them so they specifically aim to treat the language deficit. These sources are also available to them, and other SLPs, to share their thoughts and ideas.

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A client is struggling with following 3-4 step directions. An SLP can search Pinterest to find an activity. The SLP may or may not have found an activity that was developed specifically to treat what language deficit they were looking to treat. If they choose to use an activity that aimed to address something different, it is up to them to use their clinical expertise to modify it appropriately. In this scenario, the SLP found a perfect activity for following directions on Pinterest.
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Making Burgers Activity

The SLP can make the direction are simple or complex as she wants. Some things she may say might include…

  • Put the lettuce on the burger, and then add onion.
  • Put on cheese, ketchup, and bacon.
  • Put on two slices of cheese, then add lettuce and tomato.