Technology at Lineville

Cayden Gillespie

Typing Web

1. Typing Web helps you gain speed and accuracy.

2. There are courses that people can work at for how good you are.

3. I like that there are also games that you can do to get better at typing.


1. iTrailer is a place were you can have multiple slides to your presentation.

2. There are multiple fonts and slide styles.

3. i like that you could put facts and pictures.

Career Locker

1. In Career Locker you can look up collages that you might want to go to.

2. You can also take test on Career Locker.

3. I like that you can save curtain things.

Haiku Deck

1. Haiku Deck is a place where you can put information on to slides.

2. You can also look up pictures for your background.

3. I like that you can put anything on any slide and move them around.

Explain Everything

1. You can record your voice while drawing on a page.

2. I like that you can have multiple pages of all your work.

3. Explain Everything is awesome because you can put it like typing or u could draw.

Hour of Code

1. I like that you can play games.

2. You can also control them.

3. Hour of Code you can pick what game you want to play or control.

Email Etiquette

1. Email Etiquette is when you correct there mistakes on a email.

2. I like that is not that hard you have to be good at it also.

3. You can use any device you want to do it on.