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Using August to Learn New Skills

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The End of Summer!

As August rolls in the weather remains hot and the beach sand is still burning your toes. The inevitable back to school sales are already starting to appear. The carefree summer feeling is fleeting out the window at record speed and the dread of the new school year is near. Now is the time to start planning for the upcoming school year. How will this year be different? How can it be better?

Using the last month of summer to learn a few new tricks my just be the anecdote to the end-of-summer blues. The strategies included will help you and your child become more organized, mindful, and gain access to new learning materials.

Increase Listening Comprehension

Many students benefit from the additional support of audiobooks. Using audiobooks can allow students that struggle with the reading or comprehension of grade-level texts the opportunity to gain insight and background knowledge they may not receive from reading independently. The books can be accessed at little to no cost. Many families listen to audiobooks while driving to grandmas or to the beach. It may be best for students to practice listening to a book that they find highly interesting before switching to a text with more sophisticated themes.

Teach Others with Tech!

Students that are able to teach others often have a higher rate of retaining the information. Encourage your student to tutor a sibling or neighbor. For tech-savvy kids, this can include creating presentations, videos, and songs. Encourage your student to be creative and have fun. It will increase the level of learning for the teacher and the student!

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