Marvin Ridge ITF News

October 6-10

Grade book Reminders

The grading period ends today, so here are a few reminders about finalizing your grades this first six weeks:

1. Be sure to open your Score Inspector by right clicking on the final grade. The Score Inspector allows you to override grades and add conduct and other comments.

2. If you need to override a grade, be sure to change BOTH the grade and the percent.

3. Go to Reports and print a Final Grade and Comment Verification report. Set the term to T1. After you print this, turn it in to your data manager.

4. Click on the little button at the top of your score sheet that says "T1 in progress." Select the box to mark grades complete and save. Your little button should now be green and have a check mark that will indicate you are finished with your grades for that term.

Please Note: Any grades you add after today will show up on your T2 score sheet unless you back date the assignment!

Get information and tutorials at the link below.

October is Connected Educator Month

This month, find a new connection in education by following educators on Twitter or subscribing to articles on education. Here are a few places to start.

Edutopia - K-12 site for educators to find resources and research. Great connections to other educators as well.

Common Sense Media - Digital Citizenship website that reviews apps and media for families. It also has great resources for educators on anti-cyber bullying campaigns, digital footprints, copyright and source citation.

SMART Exchange - Find great SMART board activities and reviews created by other educators.

Weekly Twitter Chat - You don't have to tune in to a particular Twitter chat at the time it is taking place, but if you know the hashtag the chat uses, you can search for its posts to get great ideas and connect with other educators. Did you know there's an Algebra education chat every Sunday night at 9 on Twitter? Or that #grammar takes you to a series of tweets devoted to grammar and spelling?

October PD for MRHS

Our Tech Tuesdays continue into the month of October with several options for high school teachers.

October 7: Carren Heartley will demonstrate the Flex Cat monitoring and feedback system in the media center.

October 14: Flubaroo and Kaizena - two great assessment and feedback tools

October 21: Moodle Assignments and Marking Guides

October 28: SchoolNet - creating and sharing your own assessments

Please choose the session that best fits your needs and interests.

SchoolNet Sessions for MRMS

Remember that I'm doing small-group Schoolnet sessions on Wednesdays throughout October.

Many PLCs have already signed up with me. If you have not, then you can sign up using the sign-up list below.

SchoolNet Sign-up