Wang Dan


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Wang Dan at Press Conferenceon April 23,1998


As a Student

Wang Dam was a 20-year-old history student in Beijing University. He helped lead the Tian An Men Square. Wang Dan had a Masters Degree at Harvard University.

His parents

His mother was Wang Lingyun. His father was Wang Xianzeng. Wang Xianzeng was a professor at Peking University. His mother was a Museum Historian.


Wang Dan was arrested and jailed for 15 years. In 1995, Wang was detained and held without charge for 17 months. In 1997, Jiang Zemin visited President Clinton, where Clinton reportedly asked for the release of Wang.


Leaded the Tian An Men Square. (Micro + Wang Dan)

Arrested and jailed for 4 years. (Macro - Wangs Family)

Detained without charge for 17 months. (Micro - Wang Dan)

Jiang Zemin visited President Clinton in Washington for Wangs release. (Micro + Jail)

He is not allowed to go back to China. (Micro - Wang Dan)

Staying active in China's Fight. (Micro + Wang Dan)

He chairs Chinese Constitution Reform Association , he co-founded in 2005. (Macro + Wang Dan)


Wang Dan had went to jail for a long time and was released from a friend or cousin. He was a good leader for the military. He can't go back to China so he might be in the world since he's still alive. He is probably still leading the military. He had a rough life from all those jail years, military, and a woman trying to stab him.