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November 2015

Raising Awareness in November

November Lung Cancer Awareness

Written By: Elan Fleetwood

The month of November is officially Lung Cancer Awareness Month. During November people write articles like this one, make videos, update their Facebook pages and many other things. If you’re out of ideas for raising awareness here are some more.

During the month of November there are many runs and walks that you can do to raise money for Lung Cancer Victims. Lung Cancer is the second most common type of cancer that men and women can get in the U.S.. Lung Cancer has killed more people in America than Breast and Prostate Cancer combined. Shine a light event is an event in Littleton and Fort Collins where you can donate money and make a difference in the lung cancer world.

There are lots of Lung Cancer things you can do this November. Step up this month and make a difference.

No-Shave November

By: Tobias Estrella

Have been wanting to grow a beard? November is a great time to do it. This month growing facial hair is a great way you can support cancer awareness. Donate the money you would have typically spent on grooming or shaving towards a worthy cause. The official page states “No-Shave November is a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness.”

The goal is to celebrate the hair you have, in which cancer medication takes away, The idea is to let it grow out and try to last 30 days without cutting your hair, although grooming and trimming is acceptable. No-Shave November is also working with other non-profit organizations such as American Cancer Society, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

This year, 1,658,370 people in the United States with be diagnosed with cancer and 589,430 will die from it. Cancer is the 2nd leading disease that kills people. Cancer can come from obesity, age, drugs, personal diets, and sunlight exposure. There are over 100 types of cancer, all of the parts of your body can be affected. 65% of cancer victims have survived.

No-Shave November hopes to be able to use the money they use to generate awareness and support research, prevention, and education towards cancer to help save millions.

Student Life

What's trending?

By: Clara Brown

This fall the question “what’s trending?” is very popular. Due to the fact that we are in the 21st century many of the trends have to do with technology and fashion. Some of these trends for technology include Snapchat updates, Instagram, new Emojis, and Pinterest. The popular fashion trends this fall include army green, plaid and all kinds of boots.

If you didn’t already know the snapchat update has become very popular with filters such as slow motion, fast motion, rewind, barfing rainbows, and turning your face into a puppy face. How could you not fall in love with all this fun? Another trend is Pinterest. Many students at Cimarron would state that Pinterest is very “tumblr”(Tumblr is an app but it is also used to say something is perfect or wowing).

Are you kinda obsessed with the super cute and fun ideas on pinterest?If so getting a Tumblr account may be a good decision. The app Tumblr is mainly just an app where people post things that are “perfect” or as many students at Cimarron would say “on fleek” or “on point” meaning the same thing as “perfect”. Many times on other apps such as Instagram and Snapchat the comment “¿tumblr?”. Tumblr is a trend as an app but also as a way to describe something, this is making it a very popular trend.

If you’re like the other 25% of americans who own an iphone I’m sure you have noticed the new emojis such as a unicorn, lion, squirrel, many different weather symbols, multiple new faces and so many more. Overall there was a total of 150 new emojis! Another big app trend is Instagram. Although Instagram is not a trend for a specific reason it’s still very popular.Some of the trends that happen on Instagram would be the comment “ like for a TBH (to be honest), RDH (Rate,Date,Hate) and etc.

We all love fall fashion and that’s what’s trending! This fall some popular colors have been army green, maroon and blush pink. Some styles that are also trending are wearing plaid in any way. Whether it’s around your waist, on your boots, or as a shirt. No matter what, “plaid” is very trendy. Many students at Cimarron state that it is now sweater weather meaning, most sweaters are quite trendy. Now you’ve got your trendy facts you can stay trendy all fall!


Band and Orchestra Concerts

By: Bryce Townley

7th & 8th grade Band and Orchestra classes here at Cimarron had their first concert on October 6th. They had been practicing these songs since the beginning of school year. Mrs. Moon the orchestra and band teacher was extremely impressed with the performance of both orchestra and band and the excellent turnout of the concert. The band played four songs which are As Winds Dance, Colliding Visions,The Falling Rain and Zeeland. The Orchestra played five songs which are Gaelic Castle, Appalachian Sunrise, Bass-ically Bluegrass, Farandole and Electric Sinfonia. (click on the song title for a sample of the song.) The band and Orchestra are now working on their winter pieces for the next concert,which is in January.


By: Ethan Reed

Emily Alexander is the choir teacher here at Cimarron Middle School. She has been teaching in Douglas County for 5 years.

Cimarron choir has different levels for singing. In 6th grade, there are the beginners. The beginners start to learn the notes of singing, and also learn about how to express yourself with singing. But in 7th grade, you are in intermediate class. The 7th graders learn about how to sing new music, and also sing the pitch, of the song. . The 8th grade girls have a chance to be in All State Choir, that's where girls can audition to be in the State choir. They have a chance to perform for their school against other middle schools from around the state . “I’ve always loved choir since i was little, I want to share it with kids. Also, I love helping students create music and watch them work together”, said Emily. Mrs. Alexander has a total of 320 students in her classes. Emily says, “ I especially love to teach students how to read music, understand the style of music, and also the cultural part of music”. “ I started singing as long as I can remember”, said Emily. Emily's most favorite band is Nickel Creek.

Students can be in the musical, or sing outside of school if you're not In choir. “The best time Singing was when I was singing to my friend in the hospital”, said Emily. Her only advice for new students coming in for choir would be to “Don’t give up and don't try to be cool because you will have to do nerdy stuff in the class!” Emily also said, “Always keep music in your life!” After the interview, she ate her lunch. So, choir has a lot of important and funny things to do in her classes!


“How To Be Your Best While Taking Tests”

By: Megan Lavell and Tobias Estrella

Four out of five people often find taking test or quizzes stressful. Based on a survey taken at Cimarron, 80% of students feel stress when they have to take a test. Have you ever wondered why? The stress comes when you are nervous or feeling pressured to do well and get a good grade. Tests are usually worth a big portion of your grade, which adds more pressure. The feeling of wanting to do well and impress your peers causes several reactions in your body, including a faster heartbeat, an upset stomach, and sweaty hands. These are all signs of stress. Sometimes stress can actually be a good thing. If you are put under some amount of stress you work harder to prepare and get ready for the exam. However, too much stress can cause mental blocks. The key is to stay calm during a test and try your best.

Studying, plays a huge role in what you accomplish on tests. It gives you an extra boost of confidence or just a feeling of preparedness before an exam. When studying you have to make sure you are focused on what will help you such as using flashcards, personal study guides, and asking others to test you. Also, if a teacher gives you a pretest or review, use it. Teachers give you study guides to help you prepare for the test. Rereading notes repeatedly is not always the best way to study. Also, preparing for a test is crucial because it helps you with the clarity of what you’re learning.

During a test, peers can influence your work ethic and quality. When others get up you feel forced to go faster and finish earlier. However, Mrs. Bull 8th grade counselor, claims that taking her time on exams helped her score better than her peers. It is also essential that you consistently stay calm during a test. You also have to be aware of time and your progress of how many questions you’ve answered. When you get stuck on a problem it is best to skip it and move on so you can keep a steady pace. If you are fortunate enough to finish early, going back to check your work and answers can save you from getting an incorrect answer when you have made mistakes.

Studying makes it so much easier to do well on your tests, so you might as well have fun with it. You can make it enjoyable by listening to music, reading notes in strange voices aloud, or by working with friends. Reward yourself for accomplishing goals, such as watching a movie after all your homework is done, or playing a round of a video game after an hour of studying. You will enjoy studying and be happy to see your grades improve.


Red Ribbon Day

By: Elan Fleetwood & Jordan Laessig

On Red Ribbon Day at CIMS, a helicopter landed on the soccer/football field for the DEA to talk to us about being drug free. The DEA is an organization also known as the Drug Enforcement Administration which brings knowledge to students about the danger of drugs.

Adam Albritton and his friend Benjamin Covak , who are fellow Young Marines, wrote a letter to the DEA to see if the helicopter could land at CIMS for Drug Awareness Week. Adam told us that he joined the Young Marines because it sounded like a cool program and he wanted to experience what it would be like to be a Marine in training.

The Young Marines program offers many characteristic building skills, leadership skills, and promoting a healthy, drug free life. Kids can join from age 8 till their high school graduation.

The DEA talked to Cimarron Students about being drug free and what drugs can do to your body and health. Each one of the instructors wanted to have the jobs they have now which would not have been possible if they did drugs. Studies have shown that Anti Drug Abuse Programs have helped young people not do drugs or stop doing them.

There are many horrible side effects that you can get from taking drugs. There is also the possibility of death. We have brains, let’s use them and not do drugs!
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By: Sarah Piepenburg

Ever wondered how when you look up photos of where you are traveling to the next day and the picture turned out, well, so much better than the pictures that you take on your phone or digital camera. Well there’s a reason for that, it’s an entire blend of different techniques that when combined to-create a one-of-a-kind photo.

REDefined Press sat down with Mr. Moran, STEM, Multimedia, and Digital Design to talk about photography and the photography club. According to Mr. Moran some simple things to make your photos better using just your iphone. Using simple things adjusting the lighting on your phone. Also, some things that you could do to make your photos less blurry is to stay calm, don’t get nervous. For on-the-go pictures or for planned pictures try using a tripod.

Mr. Moran runs the photography club here at Cimarron. “ I am sponsoring the photography club, by request.” Mr. Moran started, ”Photography club is a student run club. I’m there to support those students.” One of the first things Mr. Moran has been teaching in the club is macro photography on their iphones.

Mr. Moran has been snapping pictures since He was in 7th grade. It all started when his art teacher taught him and his classmates have to develop photos. Since then he’s loved it! Other than using his Nikon to take pictures, Mr. Moran likes to take pictures on his iphone.

Some things to get started in photography are learning how to take a picture. It might sound easy, but it’s a little bit more complicated than that. You can start with taking pictures of the things around you like, your dog, the grass, or even your sister. This will give you lots of practice. This is something else that Mr. Moran teaches in the club. He also teaches the Rule of Thirds and how to frame your photo correctly.

Mr. Moran loves to help kids learn about photography, since it’s one of his favorite hobbies. He loves to take picture of the outdoors especially his fish that he catches. He loves photography because anyone can do it.