Incarceron by Katherine Fisher

By Brett Deng, Bhaash Pathak, and Srinidhi Kaushik

A Musical Prison ( a musical playlist )


Started From The Bottom

Started From The Bottom makes us think of Keiro because Keiro superseded everyone and rose to power. He started from the slums and then gradually came to being the ascendant of the group. Started From The Bottom connects with Keiro because the song talks about how the singer had a very impoverish life and became what he was now.

Let It Go

Let It Go is about not holding back and being who you truly are. This song reminds us of Finn because he discovered who he really was. He started to become who really was; he was a prince outside the prison. His reality was an illusion.

Universal Themes

I Believe Can Fly

I Believe I Can Fly demonstrates how determined the kid was to do something and if he believed that it is possible, you could do it. In the book Incarceron, Finn, Keiro, ad Gilgamesh all were very determined to escape the prison and all believed that they could just like in the music video. Their dream was a reality. If you believe, you can achieve.


This song teaches you always to always stick together and to not abandon each other. This song relates to how Keiro, Attia, Gilgamesh, and Finn never gave up on each other; they protected each other to the end. Always stick together.



This song clearly shows how love can be difficult what happens when you get in a fight with love. Love is a rough ride. In the book Incarceron, Finn, Attia, and Claudia have a major conflict. them 3 are in a love triangle and are always discovering secrets about their love and feel like they were abandoned. They get in fights with each other just like the music video.

Who Knew

Who Knew is a song that talks about how a girl did not know that she was being cheated on. She was betrayed just like in one section in the book. In the book, there was a conflict where Finn promised a captive girl that she would be returned safety but Finn lied and the girl was killed. It caused Finn to regret what he did and led him to many contravening later in his quest.