The Blackston Banter

The latest news and updates from our 5th grade classroom!

Upcoming Dates

Jan 20 - Jet Toy Competition

Jan 22 - Report Cards

Jan 26 - SS Test- Roaring 20's & Great Depression

Jan 29 - Family Movie Night

Jan 29 - Spearman 5th Grade Dance

Feb 9 - NEHS Meeting (pickup by 4 pm)

STUDENT of the WEEK - Lizzy Nichols

* Strings has now been moved to Wednesdays and Fridays.

* Camp Greenville - May 16th - 18th

* Biscuit Club - Responsible students are rewarded with a biscuit by their teacher on a monthly basis. Students must have all homework, Ipads charged, study guides signed, and make lunch choices on a daily basis.

Classroom Needs

Disinfecting Wipes