Orcrist Sword For Sale!

Price: A Deadly Adventure

Magical, Noble, Powerful! A chance to get a sacred sword and at the same time prove your braveness!

The Orcrist Sword! A sword feared by all Orcs, for it has a bloody history of a hundred deaths. The Orcrist sword will protect you from Orcs, for it will light up when they are near. A sword made from the most magical and noble people, the elves. This sword has a noble history that came from the High Elves of the West. Used in the war between Elves and Orcs, a treasure that was stolen from the Trolls. This sword was approved as a special sword by the Elf Elrond himself and Thorin Oakenshield king of the dwarves. In order to obtain this sword, all it would cost you is an exciting or dangerous adventure... A quest to kill the deadly dragon....Smaug. If you are brave and you want to prove your braveness, not only would you be able to prove your courage and braveness, but you would also be rewarded a magical, powerful sword made exclusively by the elves and with an amazing history and power!
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