A Little Bit Scary

By, Matthew Habas

You may think that booho is a little bit scaryBut...

Every night when he goes home he plays with all of his friends and I no that because he is my friend! Booho also makes dinner for is family every night and I no that because when I was at his house he made dinner.

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Good Deeds

My monster makes dinner every night when the kids come home.My monster also helps the elderly cross the road.The other thing my monster is community serves because he wants a clean earth to live on.


My monster has a mom a dad two brothers and one sister.Every night before bed they do some sort of family game. Boohos favorite thing to eat is brockoly and spagete.

My Monster`s Favorite Things

My monster loves to play chess against his siblings. Booho also loves playing football with his dad. But Boohos favorite thing of all is to go to school.


Booho plays soccer on a team.