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February is Black History Month

There are many Tennessee Social Studies standards emphasizing the African-American Experience. Below you will find links to National Geographic and Google Resources for Black History Month. On a related note, do not forget to join us for the Geography Strand at the Tennessee Council for the Social Studies virtual annual conference. Of special importance for Black History Month we are featuring the following keynote address:

Mapping Behind the Movement: Geographies Behind the African American Freedom Struggle

Responding to growing calls to address civil rights and ant-racism in Geography classrooms, Dr. Alderman explores the seldom discussed but important role of counter-mapping within the African American Freedom Struggle. Black resistant cartographies stretch what constitutes a map, who is a map-maker, the political work performed by maps, and, in turn, how and why we should teach maps.

TCSS Virtual Annual Conference

Geography Night is Tuesday, February 23 at 7:00pm.

Google Earth's Black History: The Journey of Us

Explore the major milestones across Black history that have shaped the American experience. Curated with the Schomburg Center and Howard University.