The Skeletal System

By Jacob 4N

• How many bones are in your body? Do adults and children have the same number of bones?

People have 206 bones in your body.

• What are the names of ten important bones?

The ten bones are the ribs , the cranium, the radius, tibia ,patella ,femur, fibula,carpus, ulna and humerus.

Why do we have a skull?

To protect your brain and if you have a car crash you will be safe.

• Why do we have a skeletal system?

The skeletal system is for your bones and to help use to pick up small and big objects.

• Are any of our bones flexible?

No because it is only flexible when you eat good food.

• What is the longest, shortest, thickest and heaviest bone in our body?

The longest and heaviest bone is the radius. The smallest is the ear canal.

• What is inside a bone?

You have a soft part inside, a hard part and a marrow bone.