Virtue Squad Newsletter


Summer Time!

Well ladies another Thirty-One Fiscal Year bites the dust! We had a great year. We added new team members, we worked hard to hold on to our businesses, and we weathered ALOT of newness! I am so proud of each of you for challenging yourselves and keeping your business going despite the challenges we all have faced!


I really want to celebrate each of you for your accomplishments this year! With your year end award you will find a gift, this is a momento to say thank you for working your business this year! I truly appreciate you!


I encourage all of you to push to PARTY this summer, you will reap the rewards in the Fall! Keep your party goals solid, if you can't get a home party, try for that party on the go! Trust me when you can get in front of even a handful of ladies your Fall will be padded!


Ladies, take a look at your year, assess what you accomplished and REWARD yourself for your hard work. Refresh your goals and challenge yourself to do something better next year. focus on one area of your business to make a change. When you see the results you are looking for move on to the next area! There is no challange without change.

Team Stats

Team Sales: $5,205.00

Parties: 11

Recruits: 0

Average Sales per Party: $473.18

Qualified Consultants: 7

Kathy's Stats

PV: $2148.00

Parties: 4

Average Sales per party: $537

Recruits: 0

Commission at Consultant Pay: $556.75

Commission at Director Pay: $712.90


2014-2015 Award Winners

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Virtuous Heart Award


Sonia Johnson!

Note from your Leader

I can't say it enough, you ladies are such a blessing to me! Every day I say a prayer of thanks that each of you stepped into my life. I am so luck to share this journey with you!

Let's start off our NEW YEAR off with a BANG! Congratulations to all of our award winners! I am so proud of all of you.

Enjoy your summer!