Perseverance Newsletter

By: Destiny Carter

HIs Dream, The effect of perseverance

In the movie "Rudy", Rudy really wants to play football at Notre Dame. Rudy has always been told he is too small and not strong enough to play in football in college. Even though all these people told him this, including his dad and family members, he still did as much as he could to go play. He tried volunteering to work for Notre Dame, he even got a tutor to help get his grades up. No matter how many times Notre Dame said "no" he still kept on going until they said yes. Because of all of his hard work and effort he got on to the team, but in reality Rudy was small, and not strong enough, so he didn't play in any games. His new goal was to play one game this season. Because of all of his hard work and effort Rudy got to play one game just like he wanted. He got to show all of the people who said that he is to small, or he couldn't do it that they were wrong.

Steps to Solve Adversities

Even if it takes you 47 times to pass a test. Or 5 years to accomplish your dream. No matter what it is it will take a few steps no matter what the adversity is. Maxcy Filer Was 36 when he first took the California Bar test in 1996. But after many tries 47 to be exact Maxcy Filer finally passed the Bar test at age 61. He was in Testing rooms for a total of 144 days. He took the test all over California. But he took some steps to get there so how did he do it?

Step #1- First identify the problem.

Step #2- Determine a strategy

Step #3- Try your strategy. As many times as it takes.

Step #4- Ask questions.

Step #5- Accomplish your ambition.

Solutions That Changed Her Career

If you have a problem that you need to solve, you should always be capable of solving it. Just like in Sharlyne's story "exercising her vision", Sharlyne Powell is an obese women who is very self conscious of her size. To fix her problem Sharlene opened up her own Fitness facility in order to not be overweight and self consensus. Although her business was booming she had some conflict to overcome. Other fitness facilities were getting upset because everyone was going to Sharlyne's fitness center and not theirs. But 2 months later Sharlyne made a terrible mistake and admitted that hers was exactly the same as all the others just for large women. But Sharlyne didn't give up she studied everything she could and she reopened and it was even better then the first business. And her business is still open today. Even through all the obstacles Sharlyne still persevered and her business is bigger and better then ever. And large women feel comfortable coming to the gym rather then feel dissatisfied at themselves.

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance, What is it? Some might think it is someone who is confident, independent and determined, loyal. However somebody who is self Conesus, and hesitant, and dependent can't persevere through the tough obstacles the world with throw at you. No anybody can do it even somebody who is blind or deaf, or has no limbs like Nick Vujicic. He was born with no limbs. But that didn't stop him form moving or doing things you and I do. And his parents didn't give up the did everything they could do make him as normal and do things he needs to live. NO matter the cost. Nick is now traveling the world talking to students and adults all over the world about his story and how you should never give up.

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