2nd Grade Class News

Mrs. Gaudette, Miss Holden, Mrs. Karstaedt, Mrs. Mitchell

Writer's Workshop

Celebrating Our Poetry

In the beginning of the week, students will revise the poems they have written throughout the unit and begin fixing them up to share on Friday.

We are finally ready to celebrate all our hard work in poetry! Students have worked so hard preparing, drafting and rewriting their poetry that they are now ready to present it to their friends and family. We will be having a poetry cafe style celebration next Friday, February 19th at 8:15am. Come ready to hear some good poetry and enjoy light refreshments.

Reader's Workshop

Continuing to Challenge Ourselves as Readers

This week students will learn strategies for how to stay in their book when they are reading a longer book such as a chapter book. Often it has been known that students loose their place within the longer books they read and therefore, this should help to remedy those problems.

As well, they will continue to work more with partners and learn strategies for just how to work with partners during reader's workshop. This will include using a bookmark to prompt questions to ask one another about their books. In addition to this students will learn that when reading these longer books that they need to pause at the end of chapters to ask "What is the main event of the chapter I just read?" Essentially students will ask themselves to recall what they have read to check for comprehension.


In Fundations, students will finish up Unit 11 where they were learning about the vowel teams ee, ea, and ey. After this unit we will begin learning about new vowel teams such as oi and oy like in the words boy and coin. As always, students will continue to learn about how to mark up these double vowels/vowel teams and recognize them within text.


Array and Writing Addition Sentences

2.OA.4 Use addition to find the total number of objects arranged in rectangular arrays with up to 5 rows and up to 5 columns; write an equation to express the total as a sum of equal addends.

In math, students will begin learning about arrays. Arrays will teach students how to use repeated addition to show how many objects are in these arrays. Students will practice creating arrays as well as looking at arrays already created and writing addition sentences for them. In second grade we will not go past a 5 X 5 array.

This will eventually branch into multiplication in third grade. If you feel your child is ready for this perhaps try introducing it at home?

Science & Social Studies

2.H.1.2 Identify contributions of historical figures (community, state, nation

and world) through various genres.

Students will learn about influential people, both living and non, within our world as well as their contributions to society. In particular they will learn about Coretta Scott King and George Washington Carver as we continue to focus on Black History Month.

Specials Schedule


Monday: PE

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Computer

Friday: Music


Monday: Computer

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Library

Friday: Art


Monday: Art

Tuesday: Computer

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE

Friday: Library


Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Art

Friday: Computer

Mark Your Calendars!

Friday; February 19th

Poetry Cafe @ 8:15am

Monday; February 22nd

No School