Road Trip

To Saint Louis Missouri

Day 1

cost for travel $19.40. We traveld 300.9 miles. we visited the arch, then went to dinner at Grassi's Ristorante & Deli. We then went back to our hotel room at Americas Best Vaule Inn.

Total cost: $115.40

Day 2

today we traveld 55.7 miles. For breakfast we had Sonic. For lunch

Culvers, and dinner pizza. We went to the Saint Louis Zoo

Total cost: $104.88

Day 3

On are last day in Saint Louis, we went to breakfast at sonic once again. Then we went to the City Museum. We then went to Culvers once again for lunch. We went back to the hotel to pack our stuff. Then had leftover pizza for dinner, and drove home.

total cost: 112.40