A jewish holiday

Sukkot days

Sukkot takes place over seven days. These seven days are September 27 to October 4. You have to eat in the sukkah every day of the holiday and if the weather is bad you stay inside until the weather is better.

Sukkot history.

This is a holiday to remember God's kindness during the Exodus and how he helped them through the desert. And to remember the hardships in the desert on the way back to the promise land. The Jewish people are pretty much thanking god for helping their ancestors through the Siani desert.

Is work Permitted.

Most work is permitted over Sukkot. While work is permitted most families use this to have family outings.

How do they celebrate Sukkot.

You dwell in a hut called a Sukkah which is covereed with leaves and branches. You eat in the Sukkah the entire seven days. The Sukkah height can be no more than 20 cubits but the width can be as long as you want. Girls and women light candles on proceeding nightand recite appropriate blessings. The last day of Sukkot is called the Hoshanah Rabbah which means Great Salvation. Each day the is the taking of egtron, lulav, hadassim, and aravot. These are called the four kinds. The four kinds represent different personailities and types that will destroy Israel. Nightly water drawing are held in a way to prepare for the holiday service. On the last day of the holiday aravah takes place. During aravah you gather willow branches. You also fill the streets with music and and dance until early morning.

Fun Facts.

If it is raining and it's not comfortable in the Sukkah they can go home then return to the Sukkah when the weather gets better. Sukkah is also known as Time of Joy. This holiday even has its own festival.

Here is a short video on Sukkot

Sukkot - A Celebration For Every Nation!