13 Reasons Why

By Jay Asher


13 Reasons Why by LaurenJurs
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Character Analysis

Clay Jensen is introduced to us as a vital part in the suicidal death of Hannah Baker. To me he seems to be an attractive and shy boy. As he hears the tapes for the first time, he is perplexed to hear her voice again given the fact she has taken her own life only days before. That's a huge conflict for him given he was a reason she killed her self and received the tapes. For example " No I can't believe it Hannah Baker killed her self "( p. 7 ). As Clay Jensen listens to the 13 tapes he uses them to reflect on his life and change for the better.


While reading this novel, the theme came to me of guilt and blame. I say this because the tapes are reasons why other people made Hannah Baker want to kill her self. These people may not have known it yet, but its Hannah's mission to make sure they do. An example is "I hope your ready , because I'm about to tell you the story of my life. More, why my life ended. And if you're listening to these tapes, you're one of the reasons why "( p.7). This theme advances the plot in many ways including that it changes the characters outlook on the world and everything surrounding them. Death also is a theme that advances the plot. I believe this because the plot starts out on the one idea that Hannah Baker killed herself. The plot then continues about who and what made her take her own life. The setting changes variously during the novel. The map that comes with the takes is a key part in the development of the plot. This is because the map shows everyone who received the tapes and the places that affected Hannah Bakers life. Hannah would put a red star on each of the places on the map in which she wanted the listeners to go. To them these places may be fun and enjoyable, but to her they were reminders of painful and embarrassing experiences.
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This is the map that Hannah Baker sent to Clay Jensen and the others along with the tapes.


I recommend this novel for teens because it was an eye opening story that makes you think about how you treat people in life. I also recommend this novel because many students and teenagers will be able to relate to this novel in many ways. Including bullying, love, and tragedy.
The 13 Reasons Why

Click here to listen to the "13 Reasons Why" Hannah Baker kIlled her self.