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January 4, 2016

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Teaching & Learning

Schedules for technology: Computer class times might shift slightly for some teachers. Diana had to make adjustments to the spring schedule to accommodate her college class schedule. Schedules will remain the same until further notice.

Technology curriculum: Diana has developed a scope and sequence, for all classes, that is aligned to the 21st century tech standards and CCSS. Diana will send out a link to the curriculum to teachers later this week.

Report Card Conferences: Today is the first day of our three day report card conference period. Please make sure to do the following during your meetings. Have parents sign-in on a sign-in sheet with date and time of conference. I will be asking for copies of these sign in sheets. And be candid with families about where their child is academically. We want families to leave with a clear picture of what academic gaps their child might have and what next steps are needed for their child to achieve their academic goals.

Japanese Math Lesson Study: The 2nd and 3rd grade classes will begin a Japanese Math Lesson Study Cycle week. Brigid has offered her class up to be the focal classroom of the cycle. More info to come.

SRI & SMI assessments: The SRI/SMI assessment window for OUSD is Jan 4th-Feb 12th; which means the test results of any class taking the SRI or SMI during this window will be the student/class official result. SMI/SRI tests taken outside of this window will not be seen by the district and will not be counted towards reclassification or seen as official results. It is mandatory that all classes 2nd-5th administer the SRI during this window, and all 3rd-5th grade classes administer the SMI.

January/February PD Schedule:

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Acorn Woodland Winter Showcase 2015

School Culture

Chants: SEI strand’s week

Leader of the Week: Bilingual strand’s week

Operations meeting: We are scheduled to have our first Operations Meeting of the New Year tomorrow at 3:15pm in the staff room.

Communication Folders: This is will be our first week implementing of our new communication folder protocol. Teachers will receive their communication folder boxes during the Operations Meeting tomorrow. Below is a link to the Communication Folder Policy.

Lunch Time Midyear Switch: We will switch classroom lunch times the week of January 18th. This is the approximate middle of the academic year. Classes currently scheduled for first lunch will go to lunch the second lunch beginning Tuesday January 19th ( No School on Monday).

SC rotations: Tomorrow there will not be any SC Rotations, but we will do Cafeteria Rotations to review rules and expectations. There will be no ELD tomorrow.

These are the times for the rotations, but they do not necessarily correlate to your actual lunch time.

9:00-9:25am: Gangopadhyay/Sharrar, Ushman, LaCour, Detter, Sufrin, Guy

9:30-9:55am: Llaguno, Cabañas, Aragon, Brown, Horwitz, Laux

COST meeting: Tuesday 1/5 @1:30pm

Coffee chat: Tuesday 1/5 @ 8am

ILT Meeting: Tuesday 1/5 @ 3:15pm

Free Dress: Friday 1/8