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surprising Uranus sentence!!!

did you know know that Uranus is 2,877,000,000 km AWAY from the sun?????? and it also takes 9.5 years to get to Uranus!! its daily temparture is -243 can you believe THAT!!!!!!

FACTS. (more like awesome facts :)

size of Uranus in km: 25,362

distance from sun: 2,877,000,000 km

length of rotation: every 17 hours 14 minutes

length if year: 84 years

number of moons: 27

made of water, ammonia, methane

William Herschel discovered it

its named by a Greek god

it takes 9.5 years to get to uranus

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- made of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen

and 0.9% argon and 0.03% carbon dioxide

-1 moon

- the size in km is 6,371 km

-distance from sun is 149,600,000 km -

length of day is 23 hours 56 minutes and

4.1 seconds


- made of water, ammonia and methane

-size is 25,362 in km

-27 moons

2,877,000,000 km away from the sun

-length of day is 17 hours 14 minutes

daily weather

this weeks weather is -243 degrees and there was a storm on august 5 and not that much a lot


if you are bored in Uranus you should actually do something not just watch it you can visit 27 moons or see the distance away from the sun and stuff like that

travel essentials

well 9.5 years.... what on earth are you gonna do during that time!!!!!! you can explore other planets as you pass by them. you will need a lot of water a lot of hot food a lot of clothes and 10 layers of jackets because its gonna be really cold and LOTS OF POUTINE!!!! :)

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