Cell Cycle's Adventures

By: Isaac Hardy & Julia Jackson


Cell spend 90% of their time in this phase (G1, S, G2). Cell growth DNA replicate, get ready for mitosis.


When the chromatin condenses and forms into chromosomes, the nuclear membrane starts to disappear.


Chromosomes line up in the middle.


Chromatids start to move apart


Two nuclei form; chromosomes form into chromatin


Cytoplasm separate into to new daughter cells

Membrane Transports

  • Passive Transport- requires no energy; diffusion of molecules across the membrane; high concentration to low concentration
  • Osmosis- diffusion of water across the cell membrane
  • Active Transport- requires energy (ATP); movement of molecules across the cell membrane; low concentration to high concentration
  • Protein Transport- protein picks up and drops off molecules in/out of the cell
  • Endocytosis- part of a cell membrane "surrounds" the molecules and push them into the cell
  • Exocytosis- part of the cell membrane "surrounds" the molecules and pushes them out of the cell