New Hampshire, Canada and Louisiana

By: Delaney Conway

Everything you need to know about New Hampshire

Crime Rate:

  • 139 crimes in one year
  • Crime Index = 991
  • New Hampshire is the 3rd safest state in the United States


Textile mills, any manufacturing, lumbering, ski resorts, and tourism all have to do with the economy of New Hampshire. These things help to bring in a lot of money. The financial situations with individual families is very good too because New Hampshire has one of the highest median household incomes in the country at $61,042.


New Hampshire doesn't have very bad taxes compared to some states. There is a 5% tax that is assessed on interest and dividend income. Also property taxes which are very high.


New Hampshire is the 9th best state in the country for education.


35.15% of people in New Hampshire are affiliated with religion.

1.61% are Baptist

24% are Catholic

1.57% are Methodist

.32% are Jewish

.12% are Islamic


There are all four season in New Hampshire and the weather can be unpredictable. The coldest temperature ever was -37 degrees Fahrenheit in February of 1943 and the warmest temperature ever was 102 degrees Fahrenheit in July of 1966.


The unemployment rate in New Hampshire is 5.1% which is very good compared to most states. As of January 2014, 706,030 people were employed.

Racial Makeup:

  • White alone = 94.4%
  • Asian alone = 2.4%
  • African American = 1.4%
  • Two or more races = 1.5%

There is not much diversity in New Hampshire seeing that most of the population is white.

Property Value:

Median property value = $207,300

Cost for rent = $1,100


In New Hampshire there are middle and high school sports, town recreational sports, college sports teams, and professional teams. High school football is very popular. Some professional teams are the Manchester Monarchs hockey team and the Fisher Cats baseball team. UNH has very good sports teams.

Ontario, Canada


The crime rate in Canada has been steadily falling since 2010. Over the past few years the crime rate went from 8,092 to 5,756 per 100,000 people.


Ontario is very big on manufacturing. Many industries in Ontario are auto, information/communications technology, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Ontario's manufacturing businesses shipped $258 billion + in 2011. Ontario also has very good farmland and many crops are grown there. The crops include wheat, vegetables, and fruits.


In Canada, there are many different taxes on many different things. Some examples are gasoline, beer and wine, tobacco, and property.


Canada gets an "A" on the Education and Skills report card and is 2nd out of 16 peer countries. The place with the best education is between the ages of 5 and 19. Canada overall has very good education.


As of 2011, 31.4% of the population were a part of the Roman Catholic Church, 7.5% were a part of the Church of Canada, 6.1% were a part of the United Church of Canada, and 23.1% of Ontarians have no religion.


Ontario gets all four seasons it is just on the cooler side.

Coldest temperature recorded: -58.3 degrees Celcius (-72.94 degrees F)

Hottest temperature recorded: 38.5 degrees Cecius (101.3 degrees F)


The unemployment rate in Ontario, Canada is 7.5%. The employment rate in Ontario is 61%.

Property Values and Income:

The median value of a home in Ontario is $298,500. The average income for a family is $76,000.

Racial Makeup:

The ethnicity in Ontario is very diverse.

White - 75.4%

South Asian - 8%

Chinese - 5.2%

Black - 4.5%

Filipino - 2.3%

Many other groups of people also live there.


New Year's Day
January 1

Family Day
Third Monday in February

Good Friday
Friday before Easter Sunday

Easter Monday *
Monday after Easter Sunday

Victoria Day
Monday before May 25

Canada Day
July 1

Civic Holiday
First Monday in August
* not an official stat holiday.

Labour Day
First Monday in September

Thanksgiving Day
Second Moday in October

Christmas Day
December 25

Boxing Day
December 26


Crime Rate:

Last year New Orleans was ranked first in murders per capita. From 2005-2007, the United States saw a 4% decrease in crimes while Louisiana saw a 12% increase in the crime rate.


The crime rate has affected the stability of businesses. Because Louisiana has a great climate, farmers are able to grow major cash crops down there like sweet potatoes, sugar cane, rice and cotton. Leading things in Louisiana's economy are also fishing, gas/natural oil, and minerals.


In 2008 studies showed that 34.1% of 190,000 kids that enrolled in public high schools either drop-out, graduate with a GED, graduate with something other than a diploma or do not graduate on time. Louisiana is ranked 49th for education.

Racial Makeup:

White Alone - 63.7%

African American - 32.4%

Asian Alone - 1.7%

Hispanic or Latino - 4.5%

Unemployment Rate:



The climate in Louisiana is warm pretty much all year round.

Highest temperature on record: 114 degrees Fahrenheit

Lowest temperature on record: -16 degrees Fahrenheit

Property Value:

The median home value is $159,700 and the median rent price is $1,100.


60.59% of people are religious

26.55% are Catholic

.2% are Jewish

.22% are Islamic


There are many college and high school sports in Louisiana. The professional sports teams are the New Orlean Saints in the NFL and the New Orlean Hornets in the NBA. The Saints are a very good team where the Hornets are okay.


One very known tradition in Louisiana is Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a carnival held in some countries on Shrove Tuesday and it is most famously recognized in New Orleans.

When I get older I think I would like to live in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is a very safe state with great education and opportunities. The only downfall would be the cold winters but I could deal with that. I would live in Southern New Hampshire because it is closer to Boston and there are more people down there. If I wanted to go to anywhere else in the United States I could just go on vacation there. I would not want to live in Louisiana for many reasons. I would not want to live there because of the crime and unemployment rates, the poor education, and also because down there they are not very acceptant of African Americans and homosexual people which I do not think is okay. Those are only some reasons why I personally would not want to live in Louisiana.


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