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The product I am selling is a half Wonder Woman and half Cat Woman costume for Halloween. You should buy this costume because it is a great costume for a Halloween party and plus you will be a half superhero and half super villain and basically half of your body is filled with evil wanting to do evil things while the other side is filled with good and justice....That's a hard decision!

Order today for $15.99

We have the costume for children just in case Wonder Woman or Cat Woman is their favorite person. We have sizes in extra-small, Small, Medium, and Large. Also down below are pictures of what the kids costume will look like.

Here is our latest project in action!

What's unique about this costume is a teenager don't have to choose just one of their favorite characters but now if they like our costume they can buy it. Our costume is very natural and it will work on iPhone's.

This is Cherie Inc.

Down Below is all the information you need to keep in contact with me! Thank you and I hope you would like to purchase our stuff! -Sydney Johnson