In the community there's a Giver...

If i were the Giver the 3 thing i would share are:

The Ability To See Color

The reason why I would share the Ability To See Color because without color everything would be plain and boring. The reason why I chose the color red was because I feel like the color red means a lot more than other colors for example, energy, war,danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. Unlike other colors, red has more feelings than most of the other colors. Red has more feelings and emotions

The ability to play/see sports

The reason why I would share the Ability to play and/or see sports so that they won't be bored. A specific sport that I would share to the community is Soccer. The reason why I would show them soccer is because they probably already know how to kick a ball but they might not know how to have a proper game.

The ability to have different birthday

The reason why I would share the ability to have a different birthday is because having the same birthday as the whole community is boring and you won't know who is the oldest or who was born first in their age group. It would be really boring but if you each had different birthdays t would be really fun to just celebrate a couple of people's birthday instead of sharing the same birthday as the same age group in the communtiy.