World War 2

5 facts about World War 2

1.The attack on pearl harbor lasted less then 2 hours and damaged or destroyed nearly 20 ships. 2.During this time period many Texans didn't have high school education only about 40 percent of people in Texas had high school education. 3.During the war Texas stared becoming or urban then rural,the net population grew 33 percent. 4.Wartime boomtown that were in located in Texas were abandoned after the war . 5.Texas supplied the most people for the war then any other state,there was about 700,000 texans in uniform during the war.

2 importent people in World War 2

Adolf Hitler was the the dictatorial leader of the National Socialist German Worker party or Nazi party, commanding german forces throughout World War 2. Franklin D.Roosevelt was 32nd president and was the chief executive to be elected two more term in office.Roosevelt held the presidency from 1934-1945 leading United States through the Great Depression

2 ways World war 2 affected Texas

1.World War 2 help make Texas more urban by sending many americans to Texas for training their was about 1,500,000 military personnel2.Texas help send many things to help the soldiers that were in the battlefield they sent coffe,sugar,meat,shoes,rubber,auto part,and etc

Two reasons why I chose this event

One of the reason why i chose World War 2 then any other event was because I like learning about all the world wars it's interesting to me.The other reason why i chose this event was because its show how when the United States was in the Great Depression,they get involved in the war the nation starts to rebuilt itself and after the war,they got out of the Great Depression

short explanation of World War 2 and the dates of the event

World War 2 was about one named Adolf Hitler and his Germany army was going around europe and killing jews and taking countries.On the other side of the world Japan was taking islands in the Pacific ocean until one day they attack pearl harbor and then United States joins the war. The time that United States joined the war was when Germany took most of europe all that was left was United Kingdom, both countries started taking back all the countries that Germany had