All About John Elway

John Elway Is As Rich AS The monapuly man

John Elways Childhood

John Elway grew up in Port Angeles Washington On June 28 1960 . His favorite sport was football.His fullname was John Albert Elway

How john Elway went pro

John Elway set a lot of collige records.He was the first round pick.He played in the pros for 16 years.


John Elways accomplishments were most passing yards he passed for more than 3,700 yards. He won the super bowl 2 times. He threw for more than 30,000 tuch downs.

Who He Is

He was a legend QB. He was number 7 for all his teams. He played for a lot of teams one of them was the broncos.

Play Off

John Elway made the play offs first year.It was a a coaches dream to have him. Thanks for reading.
John Elway Bomb TD In Superbowl