By. Carlie Thomas


Jaguars diet is Turtle eggs, Armidilos, and Deer. the jaguars only eat 8 pound armadillos. Jaguars wait till the deer are in the right position so when they are they will attack! but I think its pretty weird how they eat tiny turtle eggs.


The jaguars habitat is South America. They have big trees for shade. They also have a river or a pond to keep cool. They live in a sandy and grassy area.

Did you know that Jaguars are the 3rd largest animals!!!!!!!!

the jaguars have ther spots to blind in with their invironment.

jaguars plant life

the jaguars plant life is trees ,grass, and bushes. They have big trees to have shade. They have grass to hide in to hunt there pray. They have bushes to also hide in.