The Fire Of The Six Nations

By: Nina & Anna

Dream Fast (1)

TE:"He was not permitted to eat anything of the days and nights of his dream fast"

Summary: Three arrows was not permitted to eat anything at all,he could only drink in the evening this helped all the boys get their dreams and become men.

Rocky Plateu (2)

TE:" For five suns Three Arrows spent his days and nights on the rocky plate,only climbing down to the little spring for water after each sunset"

Summary: Three Arrows spends his days on the rocky plateu,without eating and only drinking in the evening. This helps all the boys get their dreams and become men.

Spirit Animal (3)

TE: "Suddenly a vision came to him, and a gigantic bear stood next to him in the cave"

Summary: The event (Three Arrows Dream) happened in the cave. Three arrows saw a bear in his dream and knew he had found his spirit animal.

Friction (4)

TE:" The strange noise was caused by friction,and as he listened and watched fear filled his heart,for,from where the two trees rubbed together a flash of lighting showed smoke"

Summary: Three Arrows say how fire was made from upclose

The Fire Of Six Nations (5)

TE:" A renious blister on the stick glowed,the flamed fire had come to the six nations

Summary: Blazing arrow brought fire to the six nations

Fire (6)

TE:"Three Arrows had never seen fire up close and nor had any of his tribe members

Summary: Three Arrows saw fire up close for the first time

Blazing Arrow (7)

TE:" The blazing arrow in the sky was to be his new totem,and his new name Blazing Arrow"

Summary: Three arrows saw a blazing arrow and knew that was a sign and to be his new name.