"How they Croaked"

King Henry VIII

Born As a Tudor, Henry became one of the most tyrannical KING of Enlgand, after his brother died. He became King at the age of 17 and married his brothers widow Katherine of Aragon. Henry was an athletic person, he jousted and wrestled, and even dabbed into fine arts.

Birth of Henry VIII

Sunday, June 28th 1491 at 9pm

London, England

Born to the Tudor home and known as Henry Tudor.

Wives of Henry VIII

Children of the King

Death of the King

Henry had always been in a health decline. He was so fat that the blood in his legs couldn't circulate, causing them to inflame and create sores. Those sores would burst open and become infected. In his last days the King went to shot stags and he came back with both legs inflamed, and a high fever. He called in barber-surgeons to cauterize the open wounds on his legs. None of it helped though. A few days later the King died, but know one desired to tell anyone. So the King lay rotting in his room, as everyone around him acted as if nothing had happened. When the King was buried they left open his coffin, and it is said that his remains exploded from decomposition and spilled out of the coffin.

Death of the King

Tuesday, Jan. 28th 1547 at 12am

London, England, United Kingdom