Tech Bytes

Carthage ISD Technology Department January 2017

Happy New Year!

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Tech Tuesday's begin Jan. 10

Check out the different sessions being offered this month at our new Tech Tuesday's, starting Jan. 10 from 4-5 pm in the Technology training room. Feel free to bring your own laptop, iPad, or Chromebook. We will have laptops available in the room if you want to use them.

Click on the link to the session you would like to attend and fill out the Google Form to register. Seats are limited. If we need to add additional dates and times, that will be a possibility in the future.

Jan. 10--Google Chrome and Gmail

Jan. 17--Google Drive & Docs

Jan. 24--Google Forms

Jan. 31--Google Classroom

We will be tweaking our Tech Tuesday's from month to month to meet the needs of our teachers and staff. If you have any suggestions on content for sessions, or if you need other dates, feel free to share that information and we will make every effort to make it happen.

A Common Sense Approach to Internet Safety

Region 7 January Technology Training--FREE!

Click here to register for any of the courses below Jan. 2-29:

1. Twitter for Beginners

2. iPad Apps for Creating Products

3. Coding Sites & Apps

4. Google Sites--Creating Collaborative Presentations in the Cloud

5. www.what?--Getting Students to Information Online

TCEA January Webinars--FREE for members!

Technology Staff

Annette Johnson--Technology Director

Debby Simpson--Administrative Assistant

Terry Caudle--Systems Administrator

Richard Sullivan--Network Administrator

Mark Baisden--Technology Specialist

Penni Munroe--Technology Specialist

Message from the Director

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great and relaxing holiday. It's 2017!

I hope you find some time to join us for our new endeavor of offering technology training this semester. I have had this goal for sometime, but we are finally going to make it happen, thanks to Penni joining us this year. Feel free to let us know what you need help with concerning technology in the classroom. We have based this month's sessions around areas in which we get the most phone calls, tickets, and emails. So check out the lists of dates and sessions and we hope to see you soon.

Hope you have a great January! Happy New Year!