BCHS Staff Newsletter

September 27, 2015

Week in Review

It has been a pleasure to see your classes get "off and running". Almost every room I have been in the past couple of weeks has started to dig into their curriculum. I have loved some of the bell-ringers I have seen and some of the exit tickets at the end of class. Remember these next few weeks are key to how our year will continue. The first few weeks everyone (students/parents/teachers) is still eager to get back, however, we need to keep that momentum going that we started the year with. We cannot allow ourselves to "slip back" or else the kids will do the same. Continue to put together the most engaging and informational lessons you possibly can. I really appreciate it and the kids will too. They will follow your lead and get the most they possibly can out of each and every hour/lesson.

Pink Out for Cancer--Great job with everything we did last Friday. It was a great display of how great our school and community can come together for such a great cause. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and help in one way or another. I was very impressed with how smoothly everything ran, and that is a credit to all of you that volunteered or were involved in the planning phase. For a former BC grad it brought back memories of the big crowds we used to bring in for games.

Library--Just another reminder that Lisa is a Title I aide just like all of the other mentors that come into your classrooms. Please use her as an aide, not just a librarian. If you have kids that are struggling or behind on something, just send Lisa a note, and she can help them get caught up.

Communication--I know some of you have already made some contact with parents regarding student work/behavior. If a child is struggling in your class, do not wait until conferences to let them and their parents know this. Conferences should serve as a reinforcement of something you have already been communicating with them all along.

Classroom Management--Remember to give students reminders of the expectations in your classroom. They are going to try and begin pushing the limits as they become more comfortable with you.

Technology--Just a reminder to those of you who may not be including technology on a daily basis: You have many staff members and myself who would be more than willing to help you with this. These students come in "wired" much differently that past students in terms of their skills with technology. A lot of things they do outside of school involve these technologies, we must meet them where they are at and use them in the classroom as well.

Girls' Locker Room Supervision--Thank you for you help with this.

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Blood Drive

The NHS Blood Drive is tomorrow (Monday) in the gym. Please try to get down during your prep hour if you are willing to give blood. If you want to give, but don’t have a prep, just let me know. I will make sure your room is covered for the time while you are gone.

Friday’s PD

Just a reminder that Friday is an early dismissal day. Students will be released at 1:00, and I would like to start our PD at 1:10 in the library. When we planned these days, our goal was to be very strategic and efficient with the 2 hours we have. I will send a link to the agenda on Monday afternoon.


Next week (October 5-9) is Homecoming Week. The student council has been working hard getting this organized. We will discuss this for a few minutes in our staff meeting on Tuesday. Also, if you would like to volunteer to help chaperon the dance, I would love the help.

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Stop the Bull

Most of you have probably seen or heard about the local #StopTheBull campaign. This is an anti-bullying campaign put on by the Sanilac County Mental Health. We have had a few of our athletic teams take pictures to help promote this campaign. Wednesday is their official Challenge Day for this campaign. We will have an assembly during 5th hour on Wednesday to help promote this. We will discuss the details of the assembly in the staff meeting on Tuesday.

We also have a group of students who will be attending the Back to School Tour (hosted by Jostens) on Thursday at Novi High School. We will email you a list of the students who will be attending, and they will be excused for the day.

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PSAT—October 14th

I met with some of the staff last week to discuss planning for the Fall Testing/PSAT day on October 14th. I have time set aside for Friday’s PD to go over everyone’s responsibility for that day. Please continue to read the Spotlights I forward to you, as they have great information about all the M-STEP, PSAT, and SAT assessments.

Special Education Accommodations

Your special education accommodations are due this Friday. Please make sure they are up-to-date so I can review and sign off on them.

High School and Junior High Incentives

The month of September incentives will be ending this Friday. I would like to plan their “prize” for Homecoming week, since the week is already a little crazy schedule wise. My thought for the first one is to possibly do the assembly with both the junior high and high school together. I am planning to do a 45 minute assembly. We will discuss the details of this at Tuesday’s staff meeting.

Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Tony Burton who will be inducted to the Basketball Coaches’ Association Hall Of Fame on Sunday. This is a great honor for Tony and all the outstanding teams he coached over his career. Brown City basketball is known throughout the state of Michigan, and this is because of Tony’s commitment to Brown City’s student athletes.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • September 28--NHS Blood Drive in Gym
  • September 29--Staff Meeting @ 7:35 in the Library
  • September 30--Stop the Bull Challenge Day. Assembly during 5th hour.
  • October 1--Jostens-Mike Smith Back to School Tour @ Novi High School 9am-12:30pm
  • October 2--Special Education Accommodations are due
  • October 2--Student Early Dismissal/PD
  • October 5-9--Homecoming Week
  • October 7--Count Day
  • October 8--Neil gone PM for County Principals' Meeting
  • October 14--School-Wide Fall PSAT testing for grades 8-11.
  • October 19--NHS Inductions @ 6pm

Homework Help Lab

Homework Help Lab will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Please announce this schedule to your students.

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings in Lori's new room. 7:15-8:00 am

This will cause some students to be past the double doors, but Jesse is there monitoring this and will let them up if needed. Also, any other teachers that have students coming for help in the morning, just have them let Jesse know when they ask to go up early. This will not be an issue, and I encourage you to work with your struggling students.

Tuesday/Thursday Afternoons in Library. 3:15-4:00 pm

Jarrod will be running the morning sessions and Lou will be running the afternoon sessions. Any other teachers are also welcome to help with this. Thanks.


As you are entering grades ask yourself the following questions.
  • How is my class weighted, is it fair? Are tests worth too much or is homework worth too much?
  • If I were a parent how many grades would I expect after 3 weeks of school?
  • Do I have students who may need extra support?
  • Am I getting the grades updated in time to offer good feedback to students?
  • Am I communicating with coaches (if needed) for any struggling student athletes?

Trust me when I say that grading can be a pain at times, however, you need to stay on top of it. I have parents who ask me about certain grades, assignments, and tests in your classrooms, and Skyward is the first place I go. You make my job a lot easier (and easier to defend you) if the grades are updated. Thanks for your cooperation with this.