English Language Learners

Marble Falls ISD

October 25, 2013

Current English Language Learner enrollment by campus (as of 10/21):

Marble Falls High School - 32 ESL

Marble Falls Middle School - 81 ESL

Highland Lakes Elementary - 257 (214 Bilingual Spanish, 43 ESL)

Colt Elementary - 111 (106 Bilingual Spanish, 5 ESL)

Marble Falls Elementary - 21 ESL

Spicewood Elementary - 12 ESL

Meeting the needs of ELLs

Seven Steps to Creating a Language Rich Classroom

Transform your classrooms into interactive spaces where students can use academic language to talk, read, write, and think about each lesson's content. These 7 Steps, adapted from John Seidlitz and linked here with the ELPS student expectations, provides simple steps you can take tomorrow to facilitate a language‑rich classroom.

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