saola endandered

the saola is a endangered species and is called a unicorn


the saola is a little tiny deer and it is called a unicorn.this animal was located and fount in may they found it was they had found a skull a it was a long skull with horns and they have never seen one so unti finally they found one and thats why they called it a unicorn

facts about saola

the saola has a differnt name it goes by which is pseudoryx nghetinhenis and was named by the vietnmas when vthye founded it. the saola gets only about 33 inches is height when fully grown.its usally weight is about 170 pounds to 220 pounds. its habitat is a tropical grassland with little dry land or no dry land so it can survive.

why they becoming endangerd

the reason why they are becoming endangered is because people are cutting down the trees and its killing them because they have no protection and thats why if we dont stop and protect them thye will go extinct.

helping saolas

what we need to do to protect the saola is to not cut down trees and let them live there lifestyle and that way they can start to multiply again so they want be extinct so we need to stop cutting down trees where they live and cut them down where not as many species live.