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Information at your fingertips...

The Official NAEA APP puts everything you need for an interactive, fun, educational learning experience @ the 20th Annual 2014 Conference in Atlanta GA U.S.A. !

Below you will find a list and explanation of all the features that our APP offers to our NAEA constituents.

Please download the APP to be fully engaged in the 20th Annual NAEA Conference this March 12-14, 2014.

For those who are new to technology -

Don't Worry we will have our NAEA Tech Team available at our registration and throughout the conference to help.

Also.. this webpage has the same links to the features as our APP.

So if you are not able to download the APP

please use this Webpage to be fully interactive in our conference.

Thank you

The NAEA Board & Technology Committee


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NAEA 2014 Conference

For your convenience you can download the APP or use this webpage for all the links

Download APP

  1. Apple - Iphone / I Pad
  2. Google Play - Android / Tablet
  3. Amazon / Kindle

APP Name : NAEA 2014 - Android

APP Name : NAEA - I Tunes

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N.A.E.A. - Interactive APP Features

1. NAEA Welcome and Information

2. NAEA Conference Help Line - a link directly to the conference Hotel.

3. Hotel Directions - Marriott Atlanta Venue - Map - Linked to Map on phone

4. Conference Events - Info from Conference at a glance - link to device calendar

5. Conference at a glance PDF

6. Conference Program

7. Evaluations - Official Form for all events

8. Suggestion Box

9. Sponsors - Information - Links to websites - Phone

10. Exhibitors- Information - Links to websites - Phone NAEA

11. Exhibit Hall Giveaway - Loyalty Card concept to win

12. Exemplary Practices - 2.0 - PDF of Document

13. Pre-Conference School Tours

14. Pre-Conference Workshops

15. Keynote - Information , links, presentation links

16. Breakout Session - Information on presenters

17. Backchannel - Link to live questions and Comments

18. Count Me In - Link to Poll Everywhere for Constituent Interaction

19. Twitter - Linked to NAEA Twitter account

20. Facebook - Linked to NAEA Facebook Page

21. Live Album - Opportunity for all to submit photos during conference

22. YouTube - Link to NAEA YouTube Channel for Contests and Keynotes Etc.

23. NAEA Playlist - Linked to NAEA Sound Cloud

24. Live Stream - Future Live Video Stream

25. National Alternative Education Organizations

26. State Alternative Education Associations

27. State Wide DOE Website - Links to NAEA page linked to State Departments

28. NAEA Resources

29. Dropout Prevention Coordinators

30. Endorsements

31. Alternative Education Advocates

32. NAEA Member - Link to NAEA Website Member Form

33. RSS Feed Ed Week

34. Opportunity Youth Document

35. Boost Up

36. 2.0 Tech Tools to Share - Links to Brilliant Purposeful links to teach

37. My One Word

38. Special Events at Conference

39. NAEA Photos

40. Old School Juke Box

41. My Song

42. App Questions?

43. App Creator

Brilliant Interactive Features


This feature contains NAEA..

  1. Official welcome from our NAEA president ----https://docs.google.com/document/d/14zjdJy7QALYa9icnxS_kb_YLSB5BnFWJGTK6A4CHHik/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Board members ---------------------------------------------- http://the-naea.org/NAEA/?page_id=25
  3. Regions ----------------------------------------------------------- http://the-naea.org/NAEA/?page_id=37
  4. Mission ------------------------------------------------------------ http://the-naea.org/NAEA/?page_id=30
  5. Annual Election Process --------------------------------- http://the-naea.org/NAEA/?page_id=33
  6. By Laws ---------------------------------------------------------- http://the-naea.org/NAEA/wp-content/uploads/Documents/By-Laws_NAEA_100312_III_Final.pdf
  7. NAEA Website ------------------------------------------------ http://the-naea.org/NAEA/
  8. Marriott Marquis Atlanta - Website --------------https://aws.passkey.com/event/10736146/owner/321/landing
  9. 2013 Conference Certificates ------------------------- http://www.the-naea.org/NAEA/newcerts/index.html
  10. 2014 Conference Certificates - TBC
  11. Contact Us -----------------------------------------------------http://the-naea.org/NAEA/?page_id=48

NAEA Help Line

This feature contains...

  1. A direct line to the NAEA. Conference at the Marriott Marquis

Just click the icon from a smart phone and it will go directly to our number at the Conference.

Please use this in case you need help or assistance finding the Conference.

We will get you the assistance you need.

Hotel Directions

This feature contains...

A link to your map app within your device

Directions to the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.

Conference Events

This feature contains...

  1. All events time and place of all events in the conference
  2. This can be linked to your device calendar

<iframe src="https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=5op93e68rurmlhiitpt37t0fdg%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/New_York" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Conference @ a Glance

N A E A 2 0 1 4 C o n f e r e n c e S c h e d u l e


Conference @ a Glance Link below...

Conference Program

View the entire program

Link below...


We appreciate your time and input. We will use this data & feed-forward to strive for excellence also.... For every evaluation you complete, we will put your name in our drawing to WIN brilliant prizes from our vendors & exhibitors. Drawings will be held throughout the conference. Winners will be posted. Thank you

Suggestion Box

We want to hear from you about your ideas and Feedforward about our conference.,

Please click on the link below to have your voice heard.

Link below for research on FeedForward...


Link below for Suggestion Box...


We thank our Sponsors for their generous donations...



Scholar Chip




Apex Learning




Exhibit Hall Giveaway Game - Synergy Card

Visit 6 of our Awesome Sponsors or Exhibitors -

They will stamp your virtual Card

Win !

The synergy Card is an opportunity to bring awesome idea back to your state.

We will have a prize table to redeem your prize.

Exemplary Practices

This link brings you to the 2.0 version of the Exemplary Practices..

Throughout the world, nontraditional and

alternative schools serve students who require or

thrive in an environment other than a traditional

educational setting.

Link Below

Pre-Conference School Tours

This feature contains the description of the Pre-Conference School Tours.

Option 1 - The Fayette Alternative Education Program


Option 2 - CRIM Open Campus (Atlanta Public Schools)


Option 3 - McClarin HIgh School (Fulton County Schools)


Option 4 - Douglas County Performance Learning Center (Douglas County Schools)



This feature contains our 3 Conference Keynotes

Dennis W. Bega

U.S. Department of Education



Dr. Adolph Brown, III

“The World’s Greatest Edu-tainer”




Educational Success Strategist



Break- Out Sessions

This feature contains...

The list of over 60 National renowned Speakers...

Agenda link below...


Link below to Break-Out Sessions Explanations...

Back Channel

This is an opportunity to have your voice heard...

join in on the thread of comments from everyone at the conference as the speakers present.

A chance for Feedforward...

Link below of what is Feedforward...


Link Below of Backchannel...

Count Me In !

So fun...

This feature utilizes Poll Everywhere, the same technology used for American Idol.

Please click on the links and have your voice be heard...

Who is your HERO?


What is your NAME?


What STATE are you from?


What is your "One WORD"?


What is your Favorite FOOD?


What is your favorite SONG?



Connect to us on Twitter...


Link Below


Like us on Facebook...

Live Album

This feature allows all of the attendees to upload a photos they have taken at the conference.

A fantastic way to let everyone submit.

We will then take these and create conference videos.

This will link out to the individuals Facebook.

You Tube - NAEA

Please watch the amazing videos of the NAEA Video and Contest and beyond...

NAEA Playlist

This feature contains a playlist of Alternative Education songs of


Submitted by NAEA Members -

Please submit yours here and we will add it.


Link to soundcloud below...

Live Stream

This feature contains a link to the NAEA live Stream TV channel.

National Alt Ed. Organizations

This feature contains links to other National Alternative Education Organizations.



Alt Ed. Associations

This feature contains all the State wide Alternative Education Programs in the United States of America.

State DOE Websites

This feature contains the Department of Education websites for each states in America.

NAEA Resources

Tap into the many links of resources of the NAEA

Dropout Prevention Coordinators

This feature contains the Dropout prevention coordinators in America for Alternative Education in their respective sates.

Alternative Education Advocates

We appreciate advocates for our Alternative Youth.

A list is below of ones submitted for our APP















If you wish to submit an advocate. please submit form below...


NAEA Member Form

Please become an official member of the NAEA.

Membership is free...

Link below.

RSS Feed

This feature contains links to Ed Week and beyond.

Opportunity Youth

A national study and document on the youth of America and the cost to America of a dropout.

Link below

Boost Up

This Brilliant webpage gives parents and educators empirical data of days missed in school to dropout statistics.

2.0 Tech Tools

This feature contains links to brilliant tech tools for you to use in your corner of the world.

My One Word

Please submit your one WORD that will be your mantra throughout the year. A great philosophy.

Description and form link below...

Special Events

This feature contains our guest artists..

  1. Student Jazz Band
  2. Pebblebrook High School Performing Arts

Link below...

NAEA Photos

This feature contains photos from NAEA conference.

My Song

Please submit your SONG that represents our world of Alternative Education.

A song of HOPE or Challenge...

We will add to our NAEA Playlist.

Please submit yours below..

App Question ?

This links to a brilliant webpage with explanations of all the features on the APP

APP Creator

In this world of technology - information is at our fingertips

Thank you

We hope that this explanation of the APP will make your Conference a rewarding one.

NAEA Board

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NAEA 2014 Conference

The Official NAEA Conference Playlist


Hope & Challenge NAEA Conference 2014 by NAEA

Created by : RKTstudios

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