Fourth Grade

November Newsletter

Math & Social Studies

In Unit 4 we have been practicing fractions; decomposing, equivalent, comparing, adding and subtracting, also adding and subtracting mixed numbers. This unit is coming to an end with our test on Friday. In Unit 5 we return to place value (rounding, comparing written forms) and adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers. Feel free to continue practicing the skills learned in class with TenMarks.

We have been continuing our discussions about the three regions of Maryland and the Native American tribes that originated in each location. Our next focus will be the colonization of Maryland and the important figures of that time. Students may continue to explore their interest in how colonists came to Maryland through an interactive we started in class, Marie's Voyage.

ELA & Writing

We have been spending time reading passages to determine their text structure. It is important for use to recognize cause and effect, problem and solution, description, sequence, and compare and contrast in order to gather the best information from the text. We will be reminded of these structures when we compare two different sources soon. Our BRES Media Center website is a great location to engage in many reading opportunities.

We have been working on organizing our opinion writing. Not only do we need to develop a strong thesis statement, but we need to establish clearly defined reasons for our statements with support. Students can access LearnZillion to help with the development and organization of their opinion writing.

Important Dates

December 14 - 2 Hour Early Dismissal

December 24 - Jan 1 - Winter Break

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