Pediatric Physical Therapist

As a therapist, you help kids learn to walk, jump and stand

Skill Requirements

Some of the skill requirements that are required to become a physical therapist is therapy techniques, motor learning, and burn and wound care. Therapy techniques are required because in order to be an effective therapist a person must be able to do the exercises properly and not hurt the child. Motor learning is required because a person must know how a body moves and functions. They have to know this even before attempting to help a child so they don't hurt the child. Burn and wound care is required because a child will most likely fall down when trying to walk on their own and they may end up getting minor wounds.

Job Advancements

A person can apply for many job advancements as long as they meet a few requirements. the person must have a lot of experience to open up their own hospital and supervise it. A supervisor usually doesn't help with the physical therapy themselves but there is exceptions. Being a supervisor has a higher pay than being a regular physical therapist. A supervisor has many jobs such as monitoring the physical therapists.

Training Requirements

On the path to becoming a physical therapist there is a lot of training a person must undertake. The main training requirement is completing an internship. By job shadowing a therapist they learn new techniques they may have never thought of and they can use it when they get their diploma. A person must also complete an APTA in pediatric physical therapy to become a therapist. Plus the many years in college that is required, a main class that would be appropriate to take would be anatomy.


1. What sort of training do you need?

An internship & complete an APTA in Pediatric Physical therapy

2. What sort of skills do you need?

Physical therapy techniques, motor training, developmental skills, burn and wound care

3. Is there any room for job advancement?

Taking a supervisory job, open your own business to get a higher pay

4.What is all involved with this career?

the job is to help kids facing health conditions where they can't walk

5. What is the job outlook and salary?

Salary is around 73,000 dollars a year, the outlook is good because of new medical technologies

6.Why do you want to go into this career?

I enjoy helping people and I think kids who need physical therapy should get it

7. What might people not know about this career?

A person might not know about the amount of education required

8. What does a day in the life of this career look like?

Meeting with a patient and helping them learn to walk, but the process is long and could take several months to help a patient