V.E.B.B. Republican Government

By: Erica, Vienna, Bryan, and Brett

Please Consider

Although not everyone will agree, we would like to present to you the ideas that we have for our government. Even though you may not vote for us, please think it through once again because you might have a second opinion.


Fairness is a huge thing in our government. We believe that the laws made by representatives everyone elects will be fair, so if your representatives do not make fair laws, you can re-elect another person that will take their place that will make the laws fair.

Contributing Ideas

The power of government is held by its people, so the people give power and contribute ideas and what they think the leaders should be doing to make the government more improved.

Common Welfare

We will include common welfare. What this is, is the laws that will help everyone, instead of just one person or a few favored people, so our government will try to help everyone.


Another idea will have in our government is freedom and prosperity. People will have greater freedom and will be able to live well, so you can own property, own a business, and make your own decisions, based on what you believe and want.


Every child will get educated, no matter the circumstances. It is important that every child goes to school, so that they can get a job that will support their family, just like our parents do. The government can chip in to make sure that every child is educated.


Voting is also very important to our government and the people that count on our government. Anyone starting from the age of 18 is allowed to vote, so you can vote for what you believe. Whether you and your friend agree or disagree, our government is all about what you think, not what others think. Stand up to what you believe in!


Money and Taxes, one of my favorite topics in government! Our government will use money on needed supplies, such as food for the poor and medical equipment, so people will be treated. Anything that will help our people we will use our money on, so less people are living in poverty and debt.


Our government believes that everyone can have their own religion and believe in what they want to believe, so everyone is happy and follow the religion your ancestors had. You can choose to believe in what you think, not what others think.

Being President

The president that gets voted president can only stay for five years at the max, or you can be president for two years longer if you get re-elected, so the president doesn’t have too much power, yet he makes good changes in that amount of time.

Enforcing Laws

Our government doesn’t have a strict law, but if you do something drastic like murder or kidnapping you will go to jail for a period of time, so we have a better place for those who do good.