The Jag News

FM9 Student Led News Source - September 19, 2016

FMHS helps Louisiana Community

Please bring any extra school supplies you have to the students who need everything at Livingston Parish High School in Baton Rouge. Advisory classes will be collecting through the month of September so you still have another 2 weeks to bring stuff in. Help us make a difference for our high school sisters & brothers in Louisiana, and the class that brings in the most will have cookies during advisory!

Picture Retakes

For students who were unable to have yearbook and FM9 ID pictures taken during freshman orientation, Lifetouch will be back on September 20 from 7:30am – 3:30pm in the Commons area, just outside the FM9 doors to Main. For students needing retakes, the picture retake forms are in the front office.

Jaguar Sports & Spirit Calendar

September 20

5pm-7pm - Volleyball vs. Hebron @ FMHS Arena & Navy Gym

September 22

4-7pm - FM9 Football vs. Southlake @ FMHS

5:30 & 7pm - JV Football vs. Southlake Carroll @ Dragon Stadium

September 23

*SPIRIT DAY - Defeat the Dragons (Superhero Day)*

**PEP RALLY - First floor 4th period classes attend**

5:30-7:30pm - Volleyball vs. Southlake Carroll @ FMHS Arena & Navy Gym

7:30pm - Varsity Football vs. Southlake Carroll @ FMHS

JOIN Robotics Club:

We are still signing students up for the Robotics Club. Want to get on a team, want to vote on officers, then Come down to Room 1335, sign up, and form your team. Talk to Mr. Szydlik and other Robot Captains about FMHS Robot.

Lunch Buddies!

Lunch Buddies has a new day and place! Please join us on Wednesdays in Room 1205 on FM Main during all lunches. Make a friend, make a difference!

It's Class Time @ FM9

FM9 is undoubtedly one of the nicest campuses around. Its striking beauty takes students by storm every day we walk through the front door. With such a nice campus, the classrooms should match the beauty that is the hallways and overall beauty of the campus. Do they? Absolutely, YES!! These are a the Top 5 coolest classrooms at FM9.

Top 5 Classrooms in FM9:

#5. Room 9128 - Coach Schultheis: Many strands of DNA models are hanging from the ceilings making the room have lots of color. These projects bring added interest to the world of Biology. Don't forget to check out the great view of the stadium from the windows.

#4. Room 9104 - Ms. Greenlaw: Awesome big white board with good decorations to add color to the white rooms. If you're a basketball fan, this is the place to show some love for Lebron James for sure. Students love the chairs, too. They are so comfortable! This is a very well put together classroom.

#3. Room 9202 - Ms. Sanders: This classroom has a great environment for learning all about world geography. Students definitely enjoy the cool, comfortable seating, too. The decorations and posters are great with all kinds of information on them, students love it. The lights are just the right amount for doing work. Mrs. Sanders classroom is just an all around great classroom.

#2. Room 9114 - Ms. Powell: This math classroom makes you feel like you're walking onto the beaches of Hawaii ... and that's just the right formula for FUN! The beautiful colors of pink and yellow make the room pop. Ms. Powell is a concert-going, music-loving teacher who likes to play music during class. This makes her classroom a great environment for learning Algebra and Geometry.

#1. Room 9200 - Ms. Krueger: Even though this is the most difficult room to find, once you do, it's completely worth it. This is a great place to have fun and get all of your work done. Its custom sunshine yellow chairs give the room a pop of color. Students really like how open it feels with the huge window looking out onto the stadium, and the retractable front wall/door is opened almost all of the time. Ms. Krueger has also made some “magical” touches of her own which are a nice.

These classrooms definitely make an impact on the beauty of the campus. This gives students a friendly environment and invites them into the classroom. If you are not IN any of these rooms during your day, then you should make a point to swing by and check them out. GO JAGS!

Written by Luke & Tanner