The hero from History: Louis Riel

Louis Riel's heroic life:

Who was Louis Riel?

Louis Riel was a very important man from history. He was the founder of Manitoba. Without his actions, Manitoba would not be a province if Louis Riel did not sacrifice his life for "creating" Manitoba.

Louis Riel was born on October 22, 1844 in the Red River Settlement, and died on November 16, 1885 from a jury of six english protestants that found him guilty.

If it wasn't for louis Riel, we wouldn't have a province (Manitoba), the Métis wouldn't have a "homeland", and he wouldn't be the one being remembered as a hero that has helped his fellow community to make Canada a bigger and better place.


Louis Riel’s parents were a big part of the political group. Growing up with his parents; he was very impacted and dominated in working and helping with the government. He wouldn't be able to pursuit his dreams without his parents and without following his beliefs, even after any sacrifice he had gone through.

Louis' help to the Métis:

Louis Riel made sure that the Métis had their land. Louis Riel did not want the Métis people to lose their land. He stood up for the Métis and believed what was right for the Métis.

He stood up for in the face of a racist government for his people.

Louis Riel actually took part in two rebellions to preserve the Métis' rights and culture. The first rebellion was called the red river rebellion and the second rebellion was called the North-west rebellion.

Louis Riel surrenders:

In May 1885, when the Métis were defeated and the Northwest rebellion had finally ended, Louis Riel surrendered. Although he gave in, it didn't meant that he knew whatever he did didn't work. He knew that he did something very important for our future years and generations. He was a very passionate leader to his Métis people. He didn't "give up" just because everything ended.