Digital Citizenship

Andrew D,.P4

Top 7 Rules of Digital Citizenship

  1. Be nice online: by not talking mean and etc.
  2. Don't give away personal stuff like your phone number etc.
  3. Don't friend people you don't know at all etc.
  4. Don't tell strangers your age or where you live and be safe online.
  5. Don't send people mean stuff that you would not say to there face.
  6. Don't take peoples work and use it as your own.
  7. Don't post something that you can not post because it is copyrighted

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is don't cyberbully people, don't tell people your age, don't friend people that you don't know at all.So these rules are to keep you safe from people that you don't know. Digital Citizenship is also to help you not do stuff that you should not do ever in your life time.

Why is Digital Citizenship Important?

Digital Citizenship is important because this is going to keep you safe at home at school and anywhere else. It is going to keep you safe because you want tell people where you live how old you are and other personal information that strangers don't need to know because most strangers want to know this stuff so they can get to you or cyberbully you.

stuff to keep you safe

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