Getting to know Breastfeeding

Early Newborn Days

Emptying the milk out of your breasts at least 8 times a day is the only way to build a good milk supply

  • Get to know when it's time---hunger cues or 3 hours
  • Get your breasts ready---massage, hand expression
  • Get your Baby ready---sleepy??--gentle wake up---fussy??--calm down
  • Get comfy/relax---pillow to lap and baby tummy to mummy
  • Get baby secure---hug hiney in/pressure at shoulders
  • Get breast positioned---hand at under wire position
  • Get latched---tickle, wait, drag---active suck pattern
  • Not happening---do skin to skin---Ask for help!!!!

Breastfeeding after you go home from the hospital

  • Baby should be more awake or more easily awakened for feedings
  • Baby should eat at least 8 times every 24 hours--but sometimes eats more than this
  • From the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to bed at night...
  • Feed baby with early hunger cue or at least every 3 hours(then 4 hours in night okay)
  • Baby at 4 days old should start to have yellow poops---at least 2 a day
  • Baby around 4 to 7 days old should start making swallowing sounds at breast
  • Baby at 6 days should start gaining weight---about an ounce a day
  • Not happening---Call for help---especially if your baby is not eating