A Natures Wave

What To Do?

Before-Build an emergency kit. Make a falmily plan.Leave during evacuation orders.During-move inland towards higher ground.Take any pets or important items with you.After-Stay away from debris and water.Stay out of any buildings with water.Don't return home until officials say it is clear.

How do tsunamis form?

A series of giant waves do to a underwater movement from volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, and meteorites.

tsunamis pictures

More About Tsunamis

Fun Facts, History, and vocabulary

-wave travel 450 MPH-Waves high as 100 ft - When the waves hit shallow water they grow.- 2010 china tsunamis- 2010 Haiti tsunamis- 1868 hawii tsumamis- 1946 Alaska tsunamisVacabulary-Inland- Away from the coastline-Seismic Sea Wave- Another name for a Tsunami