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  • TMF Online Store Closes Monday, June 6
  • Important Summer Notes (Please note Updated Info for Open Band Hall days)
  • What's Happening this Month (June 2022)
  • Get Involved! (Important Volunteer Information)
  • Rookie Parents (And Those of Us Who Need a Friendly Reminder!)
  • Save These Dates (Picture Day!)
  • Stay Strong and Healthy for Summer Band!
  • Jag Band & Guard Photos
  • Support Johnson Jaguar Band!
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TMF Online Store Closes Monday, June 6

If you need replacement summer uniform parts or black compression shirts to wear under your marching uniform, please click here to visit the online store. The online store closes MONDAY, JUNE 6. This will likely be the only order time to be ready for the fall marching season.

If you need to order replacement marching shoes, please click here. The online store closes MONDAY, JUNE 6.

Rookie Parents--The duffel bags are not required but highly-recommended. Freshman receive as part of their Rookie Package the following items: Black Band Polo, Khaki shorts, marching shoes, white dry fit shirt, black dry fit compression sleeveless shirt and the ½ gallon water jug.

important Summer Notes

Open Band Hall--UPDATED June 3, 2022

The band hall will be open Monday - Thursday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. All open band hall days and times are now listed on the Johnson Band Calendar. Any large student-led sectionals need to be communicated at least one day in advance to Mr. Lucita. This is to ensure that a Director is there for safety and logistical concerns. Individuals do not need to communicate in advance. We are thrilled to have had many students already taking advantage of this program and hope that more will continue. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Guard members: Please keep an eye out for Spin Days at JHS! We will be working on getting dates in the gym for you to practice your skills. We will also be offering days for strength training and improving flexibility/stretching.

All Band and Guard families: Please don't forget to pay your 2022 - 23 Fees

Fees are used to help purchase summer and competition uniforms! Please visit our website to pay 2022 - 23 Band, Guard and School Instrument Fees. We have been able to maintain the same guard fees as last year. RevTrak will go live later this week so that guard families can pay. Please keep an eye out!


Click here for the full Johnson Jaguar Band Calendar.

June 6

TMF online store closes!!!

Please note: due to an error on the TMF JagSwag store, it unfortunately closed on June 5. They will reopen the store the morning of June 6 and leave open until 11:59pm. We apologize for the inconvenience.

DUFFLE BAGS, spirit gear/family items, and extra uniform items. This will be the only opportunity to get your optional duffle bags before the marching/football season begins. Don't delay!

June 6 - 9, 13 - 16, 20 & 23

Open Band Hall

June 14

Jaguar Band Jam #1 (5 - 9 p.m. @ JHS Band Hall)

*Our first Jaguar Jam will be a potluck dinner! Please sign up HERE to contribute. Let's make sure this first of three Jams is a memorable one! See you soon!

June 21 - 22

Student Leadership Team (SLT) Camp (9 a.m. - 3 p.m. @ JHS Band Hall)

The Breakdown Camp (June 21st AND June 22nd*, 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. @ JHS)

* Please note only the 21st was previously listed but this is a 2-day camp

Check out the Jaguar Band featured on their home page!

This camp is FREE for all JHS incoming 9th - 12th grade band and guard students. The $300 per student fee is paid by the JHS Band.

June 24 - July 9

Band Hall Closed

Big picture

The Breakdown Camp

4 p.m. June 21 @ JHS

This camp is FREE for all JHS incoming 9th - 12th grade band and guard students. The $300 per student fee is covered by the JHS Band.

Get Involved!

Are you already imagining yourself down on the field with the band at halftime or at competition? Have you booked your travel to Indianapolis for Grand Nationals? Do you dream of spending every free moment you have up at the band hall washing and hemming uniforms? Are you the parent who's going to get to know every student by serving them game-day meals? That's AWESOME! We're so happy to have you!

All volunteers in Hays CISD must sign up here first.

Complete our Committee Interest Form to be informed on upcoming committee meetings as they begin:

Join the Band Boosters:

Rookie Parents (and those of us who need a friendly reminder!)

  1. Registration links Refer to Tracye’s email but included registration items can be found on our website here: (its in 2 places - under “I Want To…… See Documents & Resources" AND under “I Am A ….. Parent”, “Required Documents"
    1. Rank One forms (only do one time for both athletics and band)
    2. Parent Information Form
    3. 8 Hour UIL Form
    4. Physical (requires dr signature) Email to Tracye prior to start of summer band.
  2. Uniforms and Spirit Gear
    1. Note - Freshman receive as part of their Rookie Package the following items: Black Band Polo, Khaki shorts, marching shoes, white dry fit shirt, black dry fit compression sleeveless shirt, ½ gallon water jug
    2. Replacement marching shoes are available for order until June 6th. Check yours to see if they still fit and are in good condition or order new ones one (returning members must purchase):
    3. Additional uniform item pieces (for extras or new sizes for returning students) are available for order until June 6th in our TMF JAG SWAG Store.
    4. All students - duffle bags for band and guard are highly recommended (they are not included in rookie package). Order in our TMF JAG SWAG Store.
    5. Band/Guard specific and select Jaguar spirit gear items are available in the TMF Jag Swag Store through June 6th. Additional items with limited inventory are available in our Booster store for immediate delivery. New/additional items available beginning at summer band.


July 11 - 14 & 18 - 21

Open Band Hall

July 19

Summer Band Jam #3 (5 - 9 p.m. @ JHS Band Hall)

July 23

DCI San Antonio

July 25 & 26

Percussion Camp (@ JHS Band Hall)

SLT Camp (@ JHS Band Hall)

July 27

Summer Band Begins

July 30

Picture Day for the 2022-2023 Jaguar Band!

* On this date, students will be assigned their band uniforms (using measurements taken previously) and will take their formal pictures.

* Students who do not take their pictures on this date will not have their pictures in time to be featured in the Football Programs.

Sign Up for time slots and additional information will be coming soon. Questions can be directed to Carmen Sifuentes at


Throughout the summer we will be sharing different exercises and stretches for you to stay strong and healthy over the summer.

Here is your first one!

This exercise is for ALL color guard and band members. Shoulder / rotator cuff injuries are very common especially with guard work. This exercise will help strengthen that shoulder girdle and add some protection. This exercise can be completed daily as part of your warm up. Go slow and under control. 1: keep the palm facing up as you rotate ( THIS IS THE HARDEST PART) try your best to stand straight 2: Start with light weight 1-2 pounds. Don’t go any heavier than 5 to start. Stand straight 3: rotate inward for 5 reps then outward for 5 ( this is 1 set). Stand straight 4: Complete 3 sets for each arm. Stand straight 5: practice using a small paper plate to get form correct (FORM IS CRITICAL) 6: stand straight

Jag Band & Guard Photos

Click here for Johnson Band & Guard photos throughout the year! The password is GoJags. Scroll down for the 2022 - 23 folder for more photos from Spring Camp! Photos from all football games, competitions and special events will be uploaded here throughout the year. You can download photos for free.

Support Johnson Jaguar Band!

Join the Johnson Jaguar Band Boosters!

Subscribe to Fly a Flag! Show your National Pride AND support the Johnson High School Band! The Johnson Band Boosters are offering a US Flag Subscription service! For national holidays a 3’ x 5’ flag on a pole will be placed in your front yard. The flags will be installed at least one day before the holiday and will be removed after the holiday (length of display will vary depending on when the holiday occurs). A one-year subscription to the Fly A Flag Program is $52. At this time, this service is only being offered in the Johnson High School attendance zone.


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