Library Newsblast July 2018

E. Frank Bayer, LMS

Visiting the Library

LHS Library is open periods one and two during summer school. Please visit in Room 200. Students may come in with a pass from their teacher or classes may visit. See me at least 2 days ahead to book an appointment. We have 11 computers for student use and many print books.
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Using New Technology to Simplify Your Teaching

Do you listen to podcasts? Are your students listening to podcasts? A great way to engage students this summer is to teach them how to podcast. Podcasting provides deeper learning for students, engaging listening, speaking, researching and technology skills. How to Podcast in the Classroom, by Monica Brady-Myerov, a public radio journalist and a presenter at the ISTE 2017 conference, will give you all the basic information.

To help you with grading and analysis of questioning, may be more useful for next year, try FLOOBAROO. It is a google add on that automatically grades and analyzes multiple choice exams and sends the results to your students. I practiced using it during the conference at a blended learning workshop and took a pre assessment test with it. A few hours later, I had the results emailed to me with my responses analyzed.

More google apps: Slides. Download the app, you can edit and view slide shows made with google presentation on your phone. 81 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom has interesting tips for classroom use.

Summer Learning Opportunities

PBS Learning Media and Learning Games

PBS Learning Media is a free digital learning portal for students and teachers. Subjects covered are Social Studies, Math, Science and ELA. There is a special unit just for summer fun. The newest resource is an interactive game: Mission US, a collaboration with Microsoft, to teach students about farming during the Great Depression.