Displaced The Hawaiian Power

The Spirit of Aloha


The Hawaiian kingdom had been takeover from American men, on 1893, the role of Minister Stevens, President Cleveland, and President McKinley. Without them, it would be impossible to happen.


The overthrowing of Hawaiian kingdom is led by the presidents and minister of America. It wouldn't be happen if without them. The annexation of Hawaii and the American action began on 1893. The American want the Hawaii to be annexed because, first, America just want it to be lower the tariff from sugar, so that, its easily to them to import from the island. Second was the Pacific naval installation, it could be valuable for American, which they entered the Spanish-American war. They overthrow the queen, so that its easily for American to annexed the Hawaii.

Is Hawaii legally and lawfully a state of Union

On my opinion, Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of the union. Because when President Harrison sent an annexation treaty to the senate for confirmation, the new President Cleveland withdraw the treaty. And the treaty of annexation failed to rich the majority vote needed to pass the senate. This was happened because of the Queen's effort. But after the failure of annexation, the U.S use the joint resolution, the Newlands Resolution, to get Hawaii island, which only requiring simple majority of house and the senate, and then later, they submitted to congress and become success. But the according to the U.S. constitution, the only to way to be annex to something is by Treaty. And also, I think they overthrow the queen illegay, so that it easy them to takeover the Hawaiian Island.

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"His Little Hawaiian Game Checkmated"

President Cleveland' desire to restore Queen Liliuokalani, was being stop by congressional resolution, which every move of President Cleveland has been blunder, make him lost in the game, which he lost the Queen. (Left: Uncle Sam, Right: Pres. Cleveland, Chess pieces: U.S senators and Queen Liliuokalani)

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