The Battle of Gettysburg

"The Bloodiest Battle fought in the Civil War"


  • The War was fought in a town known as Gettysburg, Pennsivania.
  • July 1-3rd, 1863
  • It was the 2nd attempt by Lee to invade the North. Its a union victory. South never regains its strengths , militarily Picketts charge greatly diminishes the strenth of the southern army
  • The Union general was George Mead
  • The Confederate generals (CSA) was Robert E. Lee

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Soliders of the War

This is the soliders of the war. Robert E. Lee and George Mead.

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Day 3 of the War

This is the very last day of the 3 day War. On the third day Lee's plan backfired. Lee planned to keep fighting but Meade made him change plans.